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Lakewood HVAC Services

Since 1944, Bay Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing top-quality HVAC services in Lakewood, OH and the surrounding areas. Whether you need AC repair or replacement, heating system maintenance, or indoor air quality services, our trained and licensed team is ready to get the job done. We carefully select the very best technicians to join our team, and our techs receive ongoing training to ensure they are always up-to-date on the latest HVAC technology.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your HVAC system to new technology, repair your faulty heater or furnace, or want to clean the air ducts of your air conditioning system, we got you covered. At Bay Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer comprehensive HVAC services, that can take care of any of your HVAC needs. Contact us to learn more about the many HVAC services that we have to offer, and about how we can help improve your home's indoor air quality. Take a look at what our clients have to say about us and see why we are Lakewood's most trusted heating and air conditioning company!

Our heating and air conditioning services include the following:

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installations / Replacements
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Installations / Replacements
  • Heating & Furnace Tune-Ups / Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Heat Pumps
  • Commercial Services
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

Contact us at (440) 294-4954 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to schedule an appointment for any of our heating & AC services in Lakewood. After-hours and weekend appointments are also available. 

HVAC Repair vs. Replacement: Which Is Right for You?

If your heater or air conditioner is giving you trouble, it might be time to schedule professional repairs. However, if the damage is extensive or if your system is pretty old, it might be more cost-effective to have your HVAC unit replaced altogether.

Some signs that it might be time to replace your heating or cooling system include:

  • The system is past its expected lifespan (anywhere from 8 to 15 years, depending on the type, make, and model of equipment)
  • The system is no longer energy efficient, which can be determined by steadily increasing energy bills or unexplained increases in utility costs
  • Your heater or air conditioner is emitting strange noises or odors, has visible leaks, or has extensive visible damage
  • You want to upgrade to a newer model in order to enjoy enhanced performance, greater customization, improved energy efficiency, and/or more convenience

Bay Heating & Air Conditioning can help you determine if your heater or air conditioner can be repaired. If so, our team can get right to work carrying out the necessary repairs. If not, however, our team will provide you with their professional recommendations. You can trust that we will always offer our honest opinions and advice when it comes to repairing or replacing your system.

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Our Lakewood Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Lakewood AC Repair

Is your air conditioner leaking? Is your home feeling more humid than usual? Chances are, your air conditioner needs to be repaired. If you are looking for air conditioning repair services in Lakewood that you can trust, you can count on our team of experts. We have years of combined experience and will thoroughly inspect your air conditioners to ensure that all issues are properly taken care of.

Some signs that you need AC repair include the following:

  • Poor airflow
  • Your air conditioner is blowing warm or insufficient cool air
  • You notice unpleasant smells coming from your AC unit
  • Your AC is making odd noises
  • Your home feels more humid than usual
  • Your thermostat is malfunctioning
  • You frequently need AC repairs
  • Your air conditioner is leaking
  • Your air conditioner is over ten years old

If you notice any of these problems with your air conditioner, we highly suggest that you contact a professional as soon as possible to get the situation inspected and properly taken care of. Leaving air conditioning problems unattended can lead to further damage and costly replacements that can be avoided with timely services.

Lakewood AC Installation

If you are interested in upgrading your air conditioner system or are looking to replace your existing one, you have a couple of options! Although a new air conditioner may seem like a large initial investment, a properly functioning AC system will save you money—not to mention a ton of time and hassle. Our team of experts at Bay Heating & Air Conditioning can replace and install all types of AC systems and equipment.

We can install the following types of air conditioners, and more:

  • Traditional central AC systems
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Packaged units
  • Window units

Schedule your Lakewood AC repair or replacement service today by calling us at (440) 294-4954

Furnace Repair in Lakewood, OH

If you are looking for professional furnace repair in Lakewood, OH you can trust us to deliver nothing but the best. Our Lakewood HVAC professionals here at Bay Heating & Air Conditioning go above and beyond when it comes to all HVAC services because we want to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best for you and your families. We understand the urgency of HVAC emergencies, and how important it is to keep warm during the cold months in Lakewood, OH. For that reason, we make sure to use high-quality HVAC material and equipment, in order to ensure that we are properly repairing your furnace and heating systems in a way that ensures optimal functioning and prevents potential damages.

We also offer high-quality furnace installations and can help advise you as to which furnace or heater will work best for your home. We also provide our customers with expert heater and furnace maintenance programs that can help prevent costly repairs and replacements that can be avoided with frequent inspections. Whether you are looking to upgrade your heater or furnace to the latest technology, or want us to take care of any current or potential damages, you can trust us to deliver you nothing but the best.

Benefits of professional furnace maintenance include the following:

  • Your furnace will be working at optimal levels, at all times
  • Decreased fuel and energy costs costs
  • Added longevity to your furnace
  • A furnace that rarely ever needs repairs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Saves you money on costly repairs or replacements that can be avoided with routine maintenance

Are you wondering whether your furnace needs to be repaired? There are a couple of signs that you can look out for that indicate whether it's time to repair your furnace.

These signs include the following:

  • There are unpleasant smells coming from your furnace
  • Starting your furnace unit is difficult
  • Your furnace's pilot light is yellow
  • There is not enough heat coming out of your furnace
  • The air coming out of your furnace is lukewarm
  • Your furnace is making strange noises
  • You notice poor indoor air quality in your home

If you are not sure whether repairs are actually what you need, we offer professional furnace inspections for families in Lakewood, OH and the surrounding areas.

Lakewood Furnace Replacement

Knowing when it's time for a furnace replacement is essential for maintaining comfort and safety in your home. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Age of the Furnace: Furnaces typically last between 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is nearing or surpassing this age range, it's likely time to consider a replacement, even if it seems to be functioning adequately.
  • Increased Energy Bills: As furnaces age, they become less efficient, leading to higher energy bills. If you notice a significant and unexplained increase in your heating costs, it could indicate that your furnace is struggling to operate efficiently.
  • Frequent Repairs: If you find yourself frequently calling for repairs or experiencing breakdowns, it might be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new furnace rather than continuously paying for repairs.
  • Uneven Heating: If some rooms in your home are consistently colder than others, or if you notice uneven heating throughout your house, it could be a sign that your furnace is no longer able to distribute heat effectively.
  • Strange Noises: Unusual noises such as banging, rattling, or squealing coming from your furnace could indicate mechanical problems or worn-out components. These issues may become more frequent as the furnace nears the end of its lifespan.
  • Visible Signs of Wear and Tear: If you observe visible signs of rust, cracks, or corrosion on your furnace, it could indicate structural damage or deterioration that compromises its performance and safety.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks: Carbon monoxide leaks are a serious safety hazard associated with malfunctioning furnaces. Symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, evacuate your home immediately and contact a professional.
  • Inconsistent Thermostat Operation: If your furnace doesn't respond correctly to thermostat adjustments, or if you notice frequent cycling on and off, it could signal a problem with the furnace's controls or thermostat.
  • Visible Flame: If you have an older furnace with a pilot light, observe the flame. A yellow or flickering flame instead of a steady blue one could indicate a combustion problem that requires immediate attention from a professional.
  • Health Concerns: If you or your family members experience respiratory issues or allergies exacerbated by poor indoor air quality, an outdated furnace might be circulating dust, mold, or other allergens throughout your home.

If you notice any of these signs, it's advisable to consult with a qualified Lakewood HVAC technician from Bay Heating & Air Conditioning to assess the condition of your furnace and determine whether replacement is necessary. Investing in a new, energy-efficient furnace can improve your comfort, reduce your energy costs, and enhance the safety of your home.

Comprehensive HVAC Comfort Solutions

In addition to providing long-lasting HVAC repairs and replacements in Lakewood, we also offer top-of-the-line HVAC products from Carrier, as well as new system installations, routine maintenance, indoor air quality services, commercial HVAC, and more.

We stand behind all our work with a one-year labor warranty on installations and a 30-day warranty on all repairs. We also offer a number of financing opportunities so you can get the service you need now and pay overtime.

Book your heating or air conditioning repair or replacement in Lakewood today by calling (440) 294-4954

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    "Convenient to schedule and arrive on time"
    Great group of guys that have solved my problems so far without trying to cut corners and make an easy buck! Convenient to schedule and arrive on time!
    - Ryan A.
    "Cleaned up the work area as if they were never there"
    Bay furnace installed a whole house humidifier in March. The crew was very polite, professional and cleaned up the work area as if they were never there. I definitely would recommend them.
    - Diana G.
    "Our basement was cleaner than when they arrived"
    Yesterday we had our furnace replaced. The service people were warm and friendly. They explained everything to us. They explained the thermostat until I understood It. They cleaned up so much that our basement was cleaner than when they arrived. I highly recommend them.
    - Nancy B.
    "Everything you'd wish your other service professionals were"
    Highly recommend this company; HONEST, prompt, clean, considerate! Everything you'd wish your other service professionals were. Great job!
    - B.J.
    "Always does a great job and is friendly and kind"
    Love José and Bay Furnace! He always does a great job and is friendly and kind. We always ask for him. Will continue to use them in the future.
    - Katie B.
    "Our new A/C is awesome"
    Excellent service. Installers were very friendly and knowledgeable. Our new A/C is awesome. Thanks Bay Heating and Cooling.
    - Brian S.
    "This kind of workmanship is hard to find these days"
    I'm very happy with the furnace/AC replacement project carried out by Paul, Johnny and Jerry. Top rated! This kind of workmanship is hard to find these days. It comes down to the people who put the system in the house. We pay a little more but we got a team who stayed with Bay furnace for 20+ years, who took pride in their finished product.
    - Zhiqiang G.
    "Professional, knowledgeable and friendly"
    Jose is the absolute best! He is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you Bay Heating & Air Conditioning and Jose!
    - Amanda P.

Why Choose Bay Heating & Air Conditioning?

  • The Bay Comfort Promise
    We are committed to our customers. We aren't done with a job until you are comfortable, guaranteed.
  • Warranties That Matter
    We provide a thirty-day warranty on all repairs completed and a one-year labor warranty on all new installs.
  • Expert Technicians
    We are mindful in who we hire to ensure you are getting the very best work every time.
  • One Stop Shop
    We are a full service company so we guarantee everything done is completed with the highest standard.

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