As early as 60 A.D. the Romans had discovered that the best way to heat an enclosed space is to introduce heat below the floor surface and let it radiate upward to the structure. The concept remains just as true today. This simple and effective heating method is called radiant floor. In Western Europe over 50% of all new construction uses radiant floor heating systems.

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Radiant floor is efficient for many reasons. The low temperature system can be controlled on a room-by-room basis. Energy is spent only when and where it is needed.Strategically placed thermostats recognize the smallest deviations in temperature and react promptly. The most attractive feature of radiant floor heat is the comfort. Even floors on concrete slabs can be comfortable.

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The human body experiences heat loss just as any other structure does. The human body’s first priority is to maintain central body core temperature. Then the blood is sent to the bodies extremities. Since the feet are the furthest from the central body core, they are the last to get heat and the first to recognize the discomfort of a cold environment. Because radiant floor directly addresses the heat loss of the human body through conduction, people are typically comfortable at a lower thermostat setting around 65 degrees F. This is another reason why radiant floors are so energy efficient and makes people feel more comfortable.