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What’s That Sound Coming From My Furnace?


If you have been asking “what’s that sound coming from my furnace” all winter, you’re not alone. The truth is that it’s common for most heating systems, including furnaces, to create a certain amount of noise during peak operation months. However, there are certain furnace sounds that are more concerning than others. Keep reading to learn the most common furnace noises and which ones it’s most important to look out for, courtesy of our skilled HVAC technicians at Bay Heating & Air Conditioning.

The 5 Most Common Furnace Noises

  1. Banging: More often than not, that banging noise coming from your furnace is the result of sediment build-up. When bits of debris accumulate in your furnace, they may react with the heating element to create those mini-explosions you are hearing. This can also happen when your ducts expand and contract in cold weather. However, in a worst case scenario that banging and rumbling coming from your furnace could indicate there’s a leak in the heat exchanger, in which case you may be at risk for carbon dioxide exposure. So whether your furnace just needs to be cleaned or you need a more serious repair, it’s always a good idea to call an experienced HVAC technician when you hear a banging noise.
  2. Screeching: That screeching/whining sound coming from your furnace is usually the result of an internal mechanical problem, such as a faulty fan motor or malfunctioning belt. While neither of these problems are particularly difficult to solve, both will require the experience of a trained professional to take care of.
  3. Rattling: As is the case with screeching furnaces, rattling furnaces are usually making that noise because of an internal error. You could be dealing with worn down or broken components in the motor or fan, for instance. While a little bit of rattling probably isn’t worth getting concerned about, it’s essential to call a technician if this issue persists, as persistent mechanical failures may eventually lead to complete system failure.
  4. Chirping: It is definitely weird to hear that bird-like “chirp” coming from your furnace when you turn it on, though this sound is fairly common when activating a furnace that has not been used in awhile. If you hear this when you first turn your furnace on at the beginning of winter, it’s probably nothing to worry about. If, however, that chirping sound persists throughout the season, call a technician, as you may need to replace a fan belt or have a tune-up performed.
  5. Clicking: A clicking noise coming from your furnace is usually a sign that there’s something wrong with your flame sensor, or that there’s an issue with the connection between the ignition and the gas. This is a serious issue for both the performance of your furnace and the safety of your household, so make sure to call a technician if you hear this noise right away.

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