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What You Need to Know About Gas Packs

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What are Gas Packs?

While not everyone knows what gas packs are, they remain a popular heating option in Ohio and across the country. These self-contained HVAC systems are prepackaged to provide heating and cooling relief from the same unit. As opposed to prepackaged AC units, which use electric strips to heat your home, they are powered by a natural gas furnace and air conditioner or heat pump

How Does a Gas Pack Work? 

Here's a simplified breakdown of how gas packs work:

  1. Air Intake: The unit pulls in air from your house.
  2. Heating or Cooling: If heating is needed, natural gas or propane burns in a burner, transferring heat to a heat exchanger. The air is then blown over the hot exchanger, warming it up. During cooling, the air conditioner component uses electricity to remove heat from the air.
  3. Air Distribution: The warmed or cooled air is then forced back into your house through ductwork.
  4. Thermostat Control: A thermostat inside your house signals the gas pack to turn on or off depending on the desired temperature.

The Top 3 Benefits of Gas Packs

1. Gas Packs Are Compact

Gas packs are built with two units in one, meaning they take up half the room of other HVAC systems. This makes them a good choice for commercial spaces, rental properties, mobile homes, and other properties with limited space. And while old gas pack models were often large and awkward, the new ones are hi-tech and reduced in size, meaning you can mount them anywhere from your floor to your roof. They are also easier to repair, as their smaller size makes them easier to work on.

2. Gas Packs Offer Greater Energy Efficiency

Because gas packs combine electric AC power with natural gas, they are extremely affordable to run. If you are looking to provide comfort and relief to a mid-size room, gas packs offer a higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE rating, and can even convert 80-90% of system energy into heat.

3. Gas Packs Are Versatile

Gas packs can be paired with hybrid heat units, packaged heat pumps, and packaged air conditioners, making them one of the more versatile pieces of HVAC equipment on the market. You can also choose between clean natural gas units and propane-powered gas packs, allowing you to get energy-efficient heating and cooling relief to fit multiple needs and properties.

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