Did you know you CAN have cooling with hot water heat?

The Unico system can be used to cool or heat homes or buildings that have no ductwork, inadequate ductwork, or little space. The Unico system operates like any other central air system, but with the following important differences and benefits:

  • Air is distributed through small 2-inch flexible ducts that fit almost anywhere.

  • Aspirating the stagnant room air with small jets of air eliminates drafts and hot/cold spots.

  • The ductwork is optimized for low noise – no more popping and banging of the duct.

  • Increased moisture removal during cooling. Our coils are designed specifically to remove significantly more humidity for a drier home during cooling.

  • Unico heat pump systems are truly warm air systems – no more “cold blow”. A Unico system delivers the air at substantially higher temperatures than a conventional system.

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