Zoning is the controlled delivery of heating or cooling to area(s) where it is desired while not having to heat or cool areas where not needed.

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If you fight with others over the thermostat, are constantly adjusting it to get comfortable, dread sleeping upstairs in the summer, dress in heavy sweaters in the winter, do not use certain rooms because they are uncomfortable to be in, or have just given up on being comfortable in your own home, zoning is the answer.

Multiple thermostats ensure that every area is comfortable not just the room with the only thermostat. You will not need to raise and lower the thermostat setting in one room to keep from baking or freezing in another. In turn you can reduce your energy bills by giving yourself the flexibility of turning off our comfort system to avoid heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.

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A comfort problem will not just go away. An engineered solution must be provided. Isn’t being comfortable what makes a house a home? Don’t you deserve to have the temperature that makes you comfortable in every room during every season? Contact us at Bay Furnace when you are ready to make your home feel as good as it looks.