Air Filtration

Bay furnace offers a wide range of air quality options to fit your needs. These options, when used together, or individually, will offer you many different solutions for any air quality problem you may have.hat has the experience you need when you need it.

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Air Filtration

  • Electronic Air Filter (Up to 95% efficiency)

  • Electro-mechanical Air Filter (Up to 90% efficiency)

  • Mechanical filter (Higher than 80% efficiency)


  • Sized to fit your home and needs

  • A must for this region of the country

  • Alleviates dry skin, eyes, and throats. Eliminates static

  • Inexpensive operation


  • Ultra violet light applications

  • Kills molds and bacteria

  • Helps reduce viral infection

  • Easy maintenance


  • Mixes in fresh air in winter months to alleviate “stale” air

  • Promotes healthiest air quality

  • Quiet operation

  • Works with existing heating/air conditioning system