Furnace Maintenance in Westlake, OH and Surrounding Areas

Routine HVAC maintenance works to prolong your system’s life and reduce your energy bills. With regular maintenance, you can prevent the need for emergency service.

If you notice these warning signals, it might be time to get your furnace serviced:

  • Inconsistent temperatures  
  • Irregular odor or noises
  • Poor air quality inside your home or business
  • Higher heating costs
  • Visible cracks or erosion of mechanical parts

How can routine maintenance help?

  • Longer lasting units
  • Address minor issues, avoiding future costly repairs
  • Guarantees a system that operates correctly and efficiently
  • Reduces cost of energy bills  

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Why Choose Bay Furnace?

Bay Heating & Air Conditioning provides up front and competitive pricing, free installation estimates, 24/7 emergency services, and a 10 year quality pledge & warranty on all parts and service.

Why wait until you need emergency service or a replacement? Contact Bay Heating & Air Conditioning at 440-249-0500 to schedule your routine maintenance today!

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