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What Is a Hybrid Heating System?

Hybrid Heating Systems

When you are considering buying a new heating system, you are most likely to hear about two options: traditional combustion systems like boilers and furnaces, and heat pumps, which use the heat exchange process to move heat energy from one place to another. Boilers and furnaces remain popular options because they are capable of providing energy-efficient and comprehensive heating relief throughout your entire home. Heat pumps, on the other end, do not provide quite as much heating power, so they tend to be more popular in parts of the country with temperate climates. However, heat pumps have become increasingly common in colder parts of the country too, as they are even more energy-efficient than combustion systems and can be installed in homes without any ductwork, making them ideal for apartments and smaller houses. Heat pumps can also reverse the heat exchange process in summer to provide air conditioning relief. But what if there was a way to get the best of both worlds?

For homeowners having a difficult time choosing between a heat pump and a combustion-based heating system, hybrid heating systems may be the best option. Keep reading to learn more about what a hybrid heating system is and how it works, and remember that you can trust our experienced HVAC experts at Bay Heating & Cooling for all your home comfort needs.

The Benefits of Installing a Hybrid Heating System

Hybrid heating systems, sometimes called dual-fuel systems, are air-source heat pumps backed up by an auxiliary combustion system, like a traditional furnace. While the heat pump allows you to receive the most energy-efficient heating and cooling possible for most of the year, your furnace will kick in when it gets really cold outside, so you can enjoy a powerful level of heat to keep your home warm, even in extremely cold temperatures.

Top benefits of hybrid heating systems include:

  • Greater Customization: Hybrid systems allow you to program the specific temperature where your heating source switches from the heat pump to the combustion furnace or boiler. This allows you to always receive guaranteed heat without having to make any adjustments. Or, if you’re not sure what temperature you think is ideal for making this switch, you can manually adjust it yourself.
  • Increased Savings: Not unlike hybrid cars, hybrid heating systems are more expensive to install than traditional models. However, what you spend in installation costs, you will make up for in long-term savings. Like a heat pump, a dual-fuel heating system is highly energy-efficient. Unlike heat pumps, however, they ensure you will not have to sacrifice savings for comfort. It is estimated that a hybrid heating system can reduce your overall energy costs between 30%-50% in a single year. Plus, because of the customization mentioned above, you can maximize savings to determine just how much use your heat pump versus your furnace gets.
  • Special Incentives: On top of lowering your energy bills, a hybrid system can provide even greater savings in available tax credits or rebates. If you are interested in installing a hybrid heating system, it is always a good idea to see what incentives are available from the federal and state government. You can ask either your utility provider or your HVAC technician about this—you never know, you may be able to offset the costs of installation by more than you know!

Hire Bay Heating & Air Conditioning to Keep Your Hybrid System in Tip-Top Shape

Whether you choose to go with a hybrid heating system or another heating option, you can always count on our skilled HVAC contractors at Bay Heating & Air Conditioning to keep your equipment running for years to come. In addition to affordable repairs and replacements, we also offer tune-ups to keep operating costs low and catch potential problems before they spiral out of control. Our team is all about finding energy-efficient solutions for your home comfort needs, so call us today, and let us help you find the best heating and cooling system for your family.

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