The Latest in Energy Efficiency from Bay Furnace

Energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways to protect your HVAC investment. That’s why Bay Furnace is focused on providing some of the latest in HVAC technology to leave you with a home that is running at optimal performance all throughout the seasons of the year. Our friendly, licensed and experienced heating and cooling technicians will make sure that you have the right size equipment for your home, making sure that no energy is wasted and you’re able to achieve maximum comfort.

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How Do I Know if My Home is Inefficient?

According to recent studies, inefficient homes can lose thousands of dollars a year in wasted energy. With Bay Furnace’s energy efficiency products, services and tune ups, you’ll never have to worry again. But what are some of the signs of a system in need of help? Call Bay Furnace if you experience:

  • Unexplained rises in energy costs

  • Equipment that doesn’t shut off

  • Inconsistent or extreme temperatures in your home

  • Noticeable wear and tear on HVAC unit or ductwork

  • Unexplained health or breathing issues

  • Constant breakdowns

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A system evaluation or energy efficient solution from Bay Furnace means more than just repairs. In most cases, having your equipment means:

  • Tax credits & rebates

  • Compliance with warranties

  • Prolonged equipment life

  • Increased savings on your energy bills

  • Increased health for your family and guests

Protect your heating and cooling investment today. Let Bay Furnace assess your home’s energy efficiency status, tune your system, or install the latest efficient equipment today. We’ll even offer tips and suggestions for even further performance perks.

Maximize Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Schedule an appointment with a licensed & experienced Bay Furnace HVAC technician today by contacting us online or calling (440) 871-3777 and make your Western Shores home as efficient as possible.