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It’s common knowledge that your HVAC filters need to be changed periodically, but the hardest part is trying to determine the correct size, type and regularity of replacement to increase your system’s performance. Bay Furnace offers several tips to help you choose the right filter, to make sure you’re not overpaying or getting less from your system than you could be.

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When thinking about installing or replacing air filters, you should follow these tips before buying and replacing:

Beware the Price

Some filters are priced high, and for good reason. These are made of the latest materials, and are great at filtering pollutants. However, some of these can actually be too good – a filter that is too fine will actually restrict the flow of air, meaning that your system has to work harder, which in turn creates more wear and tear.

Think About Your Health

Apart from just protecting your lungs, filters actually go a long way in keeping your system clean as well. When dust and other small particles are left to gather on evaporator and coils, they affect each part’s ability to function at a normal level, meaning your system will be pushed harder to reach the optimum temperature set on your thermostat.

Tend to Your Filters Seasonally

If your system’s fan is off, that means that no air is circulating through your ductwork. There are certain times of the year and climates where you may go long periods without usage. While it may seem that you can avoid having to replace your filters during these times, it’s important to use “off” periods as a recovery time for your HVAC equipment, to prepare for the next heavy season.

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